• RepeaterwithTorchwood

    I'm just saying Hi to all the people on this wiki. Happy editing!

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  • The Rainbow Inferno
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  • The Rainbow Inferno

    Hai there!

    1. What are the strings?

    A=G, D, E, A

    B=E, A, D, G

    C=A, D, G, C

    D=C, G, D, A

    2. What country invented the violin?





    3. When was the violin invented



    C=15th century


    1. What are the strings?

    A=E, A, D, G

    B=A, D, G, C

    C=C, G, D, A

    D=G, D, A, E

    2. What country invented the viola?





    3. When was the viola invented?





    1. What are its notes?

    A=G, D, A, E

    B=A, D, G, C

    C=C, D, G, A

    D=E, A, D, G

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  • MysticWind

    Musical Quiz

    January 11, 2013 by MysticWind

    Here are some Music Quizes!

    1. How mant keys are on the piano?

    1. 68

    2. 80

    3. 88

    2. What do the three pedals do?

    1. The first one makes it louder, and the second and third one do the same.

    2. The first one makes it softer, the second one makes it really soft, and the third one does nothing.

    3. The first one makes it louder, the second makes it slightly louder, and third one makes the note shorter.

    More question coming soon!

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  • MysticWind

    Is this good?

    December 18, 2012 by MysticWind


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  • EpicFace98

    Change Of UName

    December 4, 2012 by EpicFace98

    Hi there! I, EF98, am changing my username (UName) from EpicFace98 to The Rainbow Inferno (TRI). Special thanks to Sarah and MysticWind.

    DOOM!!! 22:11, December 4, 2012 (UTC)

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  • EpicFace98

    Rap Battles

    November 18, 2012 by EpicFace98

    These are rap battles between pages in this wikia.

    I am the leader!

    You got your brains eaten.

    I killed many zombies

    And surely you will get beaten!

    You went on a rampage.

    You thought you could not be stopped

    Until my C-Bomb

    Got dropped.

    If you lose,

    You throw a fit.

    You are a little baby,

    Always getting hit.

    What are you talkin' 'bout?

    You will win (I dbout!)

    If you win, that means you can rap.

    Nothing good, I mean for that.

    You will get killed.

    You win, and you get billed.

    Many fans coming for ye.

    They'll even invade your privacy.

    Why don't you just give up?

    Or at least get your mouth shut!

    You're just full of poo.

    Letting Cherry Bombs do your work for you.

    And I thought Dave was crazy!

    But you are just plain lazy!

    You know that you will lose

    And you want me to qui…

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  • Gubump

    Getting out of hand

    November 8, 2012 by Gubump

    Okay, the multiple-projectile non-plants are getting out of hand. There are barely any non-plants on this wiki that aren't multiple-projectile non-plants. Please, just make them sparingly. I don't want a wiki full of nothing but multiple-projectile non-plants.

    Edit by Epicness!! (talk) 23:41, November 9, 2012 (UTC): After you make 6 non-multiple projectile non-plants, you can make 1 multiple projectile non-plant.

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  • MysticWind

    Quiz about me

    November 6, 2012 by MysticWind

    Quick Quiz about me

    1 My birthday is....

    A December 10

    B setemper 16

    C October 19

    D Januray 1

    My phone number is (If you know this youre a stalker :O)

    __ __ __-__ __ __ - __ __ __ __

    My email is...(Your diffently a stalker if you know this)

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ @_ _ _ _ _

    My parents are named...

    A Lina and Kevin

    B Una and Teddy

    CFranis and Pope

    D Joyce and Roger

    I play the....

    A. Piano

    B. Violin

    C. Trumpet

    D Saxaphone

    1 right:you don't know me

    2 right your my best friend (I never tell my best friend my email and phone number and my parent name)

    3 right: A minor stalker

    4 right: A major stalker

    5 right a Stalker that dosn't only stalk me

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  • EpicFace98

    Awesome Quiz: Science

    November 3, 2012 by EpicFace98

    Hai there! This is the first installment in the Awesome Quiz series. Answer, or try to answer, the questions.

    1. What is the Dodo Bird's closest living relative?

    A= Pigeon

    B= Owl

    C= Hawk

    D= Pitohui

    2. What reptile was the ancestor of the dinosaurs?

    A= Euparcaria

    B= Lystrosaurus

    C= Gorgonopsid

    D= Thenisophalya

    3. What is the name for the burrower that lived in the Pangean desert 2 periods before the Triassic?

    A= Scutosaurus

    B= Gasmatosaur

    C= Diictodon

    D= Petrolacosaurus

    4. What is the name for the largest land aurthropod?

    A= Mesathaela

    B= Aurthroplura

    C= Meganura

    D= Pterygotis

    1. How many elements were on the original Periodic Table? How many are there today?

    A= 50; 119

    B= 63; 120

    C= 65; 200

    D= 63; 118

    2. What 2 element's most common form break the rules of radioact…

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  • EpicFace98


    October 8, 2012 by EpicFace98

    Hi. EF98 here saying:

    If anyone has a question, don't be afraid to ask me.

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  • MysticWind


    October 8, 2012 by MysticWind

    Hello my name is Mysticwind and I'll keep you updated.

    If you need help please leave a message under my message wall subjuct is "help"

    If i can't anwer the question please go to:

    EF98 or any other admin or staff members.

    If i don't anwer right away you can find me on chat and chat with me there.

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  • EpicFace98


    September 24, 2012 by EpicFace98

    Hello. Just stopping by to ask, IS ANYONE THERE? Please leave a comment if you are. This happened to me in PvZCC Reborn wiki, and I don't want it to happen to me here.

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