Bomber Rock


750 ndbs for actual non-plant itself; 1000 ndbs for barricade/barrier.


2 minutes


6750 sun


90 (C-Bomb) and 5 nds (Lightning Bolt)

Created by:

The Grand Master


Yes. (Rock)

Upgrade to:


Obtained On:


Bomber RockEdit

Bomber Rock is an extremely tough, magic, and powerful. It can fly, and when it does, it launches a C-bomb(Cherry Bomb)on the square below itself. It flies when a zombie is about to bite it. It is magical because it can shoot lightning bolts. Also, the C-Bomb sends out a circle of lightning bolts. It can also send down a barrier, when it is flying, behind itself, which dissipates after all of the zombies under the Bomber Rock are killed either by the Bombzer Rock or other plants and non-plants. The barrier has extremely high health. It is not only extremely tough, magic, and powerful, it is also an upgrade and has an extremely high cost (When compared to the other non-plants in this wiki) and a very, very slow recharge.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Fly-Will fly over the zombie(s) biting it.

Lightning Bolt-Does 5 nds and paralyze the zombie for 2 seconds.

Bomb-Can only use this move when he is flying. Drops a Cherry-Bomb on the square below itself. It only does this on 2 occasions:

  • When a Gargantuar and/or a vehicle zombie is below it.
  • When there are 5 or more non-Gargantuar or non-Vehicle Zombies below it.

Barricade-Sends down an almost invincible (8 smashes; 1000 bites) barricade below and to the square behind itself when it is flying.

Almanac EntryEdit

He is Rock's older brother. He is also a role model for many other non-plants. He sets a good example for everybody. It may be because of his sportiness and his rock-hard body, not only his abs. It may also be because of his number of zombies killed. Whatever the reason is, he is a good role model for everyone.


Actual non-plantEdit

Normal Damage BitesEdit

Absorbs 750 ndbs. Appearance changes after 125, 250, 375, 500, and 625 bites before being completely swallowed after 750 bites.

Zombie's Instant Kills (ZIKs)Edit

Absorbs 6 ZIKs. Appearance changes after 1 (125 bites), 2 (250 bites), 3 (375 bites), 4 (500 bites), and 5 (625 bites), before being completely smashed after 6 ZIKS (750 bites).


Normal Damage BitesEdit

Absorbs 1000 ndbs. Appearance changes after 250, 500, and 750 bites before being completely swallowed after 1000 bites.


Absorbs 8 ZIKs. Appearance changes after 2 (250 bites), 4 (500 bites), and 6 (750 bites), before being completely smashed after 8 ZIKs (1000 bites).


  • This is the first extreme non-plant in this wiki.
  • It is called Bomber Rock because it drops Cherry-Bombs
  • It is the first upgrade of a non-plant that is made in this wikia.