Brick-pult lobs bricks at zombies that deals high damage and can blocks zombies for a bit.

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Brick-pult lobs bricks at zombies that deals high damage and can blocks zombies for a bit

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Brick-pult is a non-plant that lobs bricks at zombies. He lobs bricks at the rate of a Cabbage-pult that deals 8 and a 1/2 normal damage shots. Considering it is also somewhat of a stone element, it is somewhat defensive, and absorbs around 50 normal zombie bites. It doesn't degrade forms, though slows down the catapulting rate depending on how much is his health left. Another thing that Brick-pult can't be kicked, so special zombies that tries to kick them would result them in getting stunned for a moment and dealing only 1 normal damage shot, therefore effectively stopping them in their tracks.

Almanac Entry Edit

Sun Cost: 275

Damage: High

Range: Lobbed

Recharge: Slow

Brick-pult lobs bricks at zombies that deals high damage and can blocks zombies for a bit.

Special: both offensive and defensive, and can't be kicked

People say that Brick-pult is a hard-headed non-plant, some say he's lousy, most would agree he has a heart of stone, but what they don't know he manages already three construction companies and a cement factory. "Hard work, is indeed hard work. Don't forget your hard-hat!" and also, how he could catapult the very heavy bricks they'll never know.

Upgrades Edit

Plant Food effect Edit

Brick-pult when fed with Plant-Food builds two brick-walls in two random lanes that act like Wall-Nuts, and launches bricks on all the zombies on-screen.

Strategies Edit

Brick-pult on his own can manage to be both offensive and defensive, though Jester Zombies might give them a hard time, except those zombies that kicks them, instead of moving them back, they stun the zombies and deal 1 normal pea shot. Therefore stunning them, so try moving them to front row instead of putting them behind a row of defensive or a defensive plant.

What makes them special is the high amount of damage they dealt to zombies. Though the less health they have, the slower they are in delivering their heavy bricks. Though, try repairing/replacing them as you could. What makes this work is thanks to the Imitater (if you have in your plant arsenal.) And is also a good combo with Wasabi Whip/Chomper/Aloe Plant.

The brick walls that is said to appear in two random lanes will have health of a doubled wall-nut and a half. Though there are zombies that could destroy it easily, it's undoubtly useful to use once planted Plant-Food on the non-plant,

The only disadvantages are on how slow is he in catapulting due on how low is health is and the bricks being deflected by the Jester Zombies in the Dark Ages. Keep that in mind.

Trivia: Edit

  • Funnily, kicking Brick-pult was based on real life when someone kicks a brick bare-footed/with light shoes. (Or, common sense?)
  • Brick-pult catapulting bricks is somewhat possible.
  • It is GlaceGlacierDude's first non-plant here on this wikia.