Candy Blockade ZombieEdit

Candy Blockade Zombie (CBZ) is another ZomNOTany Zombie. It has the head of a Candy Blockade. Although Candy Blockade is a multiple projectile non-plant, this zombie only shoots Candy Corn, which deals 1 ndb. It's health is high, and it fires at a normal pace, that of a peashooter. When it dies, it makes an explosion in a 3x3 area, which deals 1ZIK.



Absorbs 72 nds. Appearance changes after absorption of 24 and 48 nds before dying after absorption of 72 nds.

Almanac EntryEdit

He was once a normal Candy Blockade, until a zombie ate his non-plant brain. Then he went on a rampage, destroying many non-plants until a Bomber Rock (The first one that he saw!) killed him with a C-Bomb. Then he joined the zombie's team, trying to eat brains. He met up with Rock Zombie, and they became best friends. THE END!!