Donut Launcher is basically a donut version of a Pieshooter.



Donut- Does 1 ndb.

Glazed Donut- Does 3 nds.


Frosted donut- Deals 5 nds, it also slowing down the zombie that the projectile hits.


Powdered Donut-Deals 10 nds and 5 nds splash.

Very RareEdit

Wet donut - Does 15 nds and causes zombies to run away.

Super RareEdit

Burning Donut-Deals 20 nds, and does 10 nds splash.

Cake Donut-Deals 15 nds, and a Cake-Pult appears randomly on the screen.

Extremely RareEdit

Frisbee Donut- Kills all zombies in a row. (Except Giga-Gartantuars or zombies w/ more HP.)

Almanac EntryEdit

Cost: 600 sun.

Recharge: medium

Upgrade: no

Upgrades to: Nothing

HP: 8 ndb

He used to work at a donut factory, but he got fired for eating too many donuts.