Element ShooterEdit

This non-plant is the master of the "Element Family". This shooter shoots diffrent kinds of elements of the earth which is water, fire, and, wind.



Fire ball-2 nds-If it hits a zombie the zombie will start to burn but if it hit anything that could burn up by fire it will do 2x the damage.

Water pulse-3 nds-if it hits a zombie and it's burning up it will delete the burn but if it misses, then it will cause a flood unless it lands on a plant.

Light Wind-1 nds-it will blow all light armor off like a bucket or a helmet.


Ember flick-4 nds-It shoots a burning fire that is going to cause a fire that will burn all zombies and plants to death.

Water Blast-6 nds-It will get rid of fire but will cause some plants to die and all zombies in it way to die.


Energy blast-7 nds-It will send seeds everywhere and trees will start to grow these trees will block the zombie from entering unless the trees are burned.

Hydro Pump-9 nds-Causes major flooding that will knock anything out of its way.

Hurricane-11 nds-It will send heavy wind and knock off all armor.

Ultra RareEdit

Trio Attack-13 nds-It will send a hurricane, flooding, and fire to flood, burn and knock off armor at the same time with out the water destroying the fire.