Food PultEdit

This plant catapult powerful food at the zombies.


Fire Melon



Watermelon-If missed will cause a little earthquake unless it hits a plant. Deals 2 nds

Cantaloupes-Will slow down zombies but if miss it will cause a small earthquake 1 nds


Plate of food-Does 4 nds. Will splater food all over the zombie and will cause 2 damge per second unless they have protection then it will delete armor


Turkey: It will cause a big earth quake unless its stopped by a plant or hit a plate

Ultra RareEdit

Fire Melon 7 nds only attack when it gets angry

Pizza-Damage will depend on types of pizza

  • Pepperoni will do 4 nds and pepperoni will delete armor.
  • Cheese will do 3 nds but will slow zombies down.
  • Veggie will do 3 nds and spash vegetables around, each doing 1 nds.