Jewelry-Shooter shoots multiple types of gemstones that do damage.



Gold-Does 3 nds.

Silver-Does 2 nds.

Bronze-Does 1 nds.


Turquoise-Deals 2 nds and slows the zombie down.

Ruby-Poisons the zombie, making it take 5 nds per 3 seconds.


Sapphire-Deals 5 nds and freezes the zombie for 5 seconds.

Emerald-Deals 3 nds and poisons the zombie, which makes the zombie take 2 nds per 1 second.

Very RareEdit

Topaz-Cuts the zombies armor/headgear off

Tourmaline-Does 5 random attacks that are the other gemstones.

Opal-Creates a tsunami that deals 1IK, as well as pushing all non-boss zombies back to the rightmost column.

Extremely RareEdit

Diamond-Deals 20 nds to the zombie that it hits, and 10 splash.

Amethyst-Creates a black hole that sucks in all of the zombies that come onto the screen for the next 10 seconds, then dissapears.

Almanac EntryEdit

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