Belong in to the "Element Family" Lavaball shooter shoots powerful lava balls.


It has 9 ndbs.

Diffrent AffectsEdit

When the lava shoot something paper, metal, or anything that can burn up the armor will be deleted.

If they miss then they will cause a fire and will burn up any plant and zombie in its way but if land on a plant then the plant that it lands on will burn up.

The only plant that will not burn up is another Lavaball Shooter

Alamac EntryEdit

It used to be inside a volcano until the valcano erupted and this plant flew up in to the air and all of a sudden it landed in someones yard. It started to burn up the yard and destroy all the plants but the owner of the yard was very happy becuse it will also protect him from the zombies. From this day on the Lava ball shooter happily shoots lava balls and kills plants.

Cost: 400 sun

Recharge Meduim