The leaf shooter shoots leaves at zombies.



Small leaf - Confuses zombie for 1/2 second.

Slightly heavy leaf - Does 1/2 nds.


Heavy leaf - Does 2 nds.

Medium leaf - Confuses zombie for 1.5 seconds.


Large leaf - Confuses zombie for 3 seconds.

Acidic leaf - does 1 nds every second for 4 seconds.

Very RareEdit

Huge leaf - lands on zombie's head, doing 1 nds, and confuses zombie for 7 seconds.

Spikey leaf - does 10 nds.

Über RareEdit

Red leaf - zombie chases leaf backwards for 3 seconds, then eats it, only to find out it is poisoned, doing 1 nds every 1/2 second for 10 seconds.

Cold, Wet leaf - makes zombie cold and wet, freezing it for 30 seconds.