Light shooterEdit

Light shooter shoots different types of light, each coming from the electromagnetic spectrum, except for Radioactivity. It is the last member of the "Element Family"


8 nbds


[Attack Name]-[Attack Damage]-[Attack Special (If any.)]


X-Ray-1 nds-Shows you the zombie's remaining health.

Radio Wave-2 nds


Microwave-3 nds-Hypes up the zombie that the projectile hits.


Infared-5 nds-Has splash damage of 3 nds

Visible Light-7 nds

Very RareEdit

Ultraviolet-10 nds-Poisons the zombie that the projectile hits, dealing 2 nds per 1 second. Poison lasts for 10 seconds.

Extremely RareEdit

Gamma Ray-15 nds-Cuts through a whole row of zombies, dealing 15 nds to each zombie in the row that the projectile is fired in.

Uber RareEdit

Radioactivity-25 nds-Poisons all of the zombies that are on and coming on the screen when the projectile hits a zombie. Poison lasts until all of the poisoned zombies are killed. Poison deals 20 nds per 10 seconds.

Alamac EntryEdit

The element family lived in a magical garden until someone planted them in the lawn. They summoned full power and they defeated zombies all day long. This non-plant came later on and they all agreed that this non-plant is the most sweetest thing.

Cost: 400 sun

Recharge Med