Magic rock store up energy in order to defend it from it enemy unless if rechargeing the zombie can weaken it


Depends on how strong or weak it is

  • Very strong - 9 health
  • Average strength - 6 health
  • Weak - 4 health


Very strong: will tower over the plant and the zombies will only do 0.5 damage to it if rechargeing 1 damage

Avrage strong: It will be a little bigger then a regular sized plant and plants will do 1.5 damage but if recharging it will do 2 damage

Weak: Will be smaller than a plant and will do 2 damage if rechrging zombies will do 2.5 damage

Alamnac EntryEdit

During the same magic trick when the magicain pulled out "Riddle flower" he also pulled out the Magic Rock without anybody knowing but then before he show anyone that he did it he died and "Riddle Flower" and rock happily do magic tricks and protecting the yard.